Diana was as Complex as her Images.  A Kind and Creative Soul, Prolific in Design.
She has left a Body of Work Utterly Unique in Vision and Technique. 

It is the mission of this Website to bring her Visions to Light, allowing everyone to
enjoy the Beauty of a Body of Art Amazingly Original in Scope, Subject Matter, and Skill.
Original Artworks spanning five decades fill this collection.  Award-winning pieces
shown across North America attest to her Mastery. Working with a range of
mediums, using techniques she often invented, Diana enjoyed working into the wee
hours of the morning in a downtown warehouse studio, surrounded by other Artists.
Throughout her career, she spent time sharing her Talent and Knowledge of Art with
students, young and old. Buy her art online to show your love for the departed soul. 

The first decades of her career were spent in Galleries, Garnering the attention of
the Press and the Art Community. The latter part of her career was spent at home
in the studio with Students and her Muse for the company doing what she loved...Creating.
A Half-Century retrospective of her ever-evolving style is on display thru the Online Gallery

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Art lovers can buy art prints and all her paintings online to encourage and keep alive the memories of Diana's artwork in Canada.

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Diana Roy (1940 - 2019) was a Formally Trained Canadian Artist.  Her Avant-garde Body of Work Spans Five Decades, Reflecting Across Multiple Art Movements Leaving a Legacy Unparalleled. Diana's Success is Well Documented in the Press and in-Print.  Her Resume is Filled with Awards. Outstanding Still Life Miniatures and Her China Paintings Always Won the Show.  Past Exhibitions Across North America have left a Lasting Impression; Private Owned Pieces are Coveted with Joy.  

With Her Passing that Distinct Style and Refined Skill is Once Again Attracting Widespread Attention.  Today Her work is still on Display in Galleries, Private Art Collections, and CorporateOffices.  Influenced by the Masters, Diana Explored Several Art Movements, Mediums, and Techniques, often Creating Her Own. Over 400 of Diana's Works are Catalogued in the Archives on this Website. From large wall art, hand paintings to modern art paintings, you can find them all online.

Greatly Influenced by the Renaissance Period, Diana often Combined Different Art Disciplines in the Same Piece. "Mona" on Permanent Display at the Wellington Gallery is an Interpretation of the Mona Lisa Infused with the Realism Diana was Appreciated For.  "Floral Teapot" pays Homage to Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with an Ermine." "The Next Best Thing" is a Prime Example of the Depth Her Paintings Achieve in Subject Matter and Symbolism. Art lovers can easily purchase affordable original Canadian Artwork from this website.  

Entered in the Art History Books with Her Posthumous Ground breaking Exhibition "A Retrospective: Diana Roy's Invisible Majority", She became one of the First Canadian Artists to Exhibit and Sell Work through Art Gate VR, the World's First Public Virtual Reality Art Gallery.  From Her 15-piece Suite displayed at Hallmark Cards Toronto Office to Both, Her Commissioned 25th Anniversary Paintings for the University of Windsor, Copies Sold Worldwide, Confirm Diana's Artistic Talents are Recognized and Sought After. Those who know the worth and have a deep interest in Outstanding Fine Artworks, can take advantage of the opportunity and purchase from Diana Roy's wide art collection for sale in Toronto.   

Art Collector Jennifer Bratty Recently Purchased Two Pieces to Hang in Her Private Toronto Collection. Collision Gallery Curator Candice Houtekier wrote, "Diana's extraordinary output is becoming appreciated in its totality, as an essential contemporary on the joy and perils of self-reflection. The Art Gate VR retrospective of Roy's work explores new interpretations of figuration and the philosophy of aesthetics.  Art Collectors and Connoisseurs alike should not miss this historic moment to view such a large and avant-gardist body of work."

Cambridge Reporter Jonathan Harrison wrote, "Diana Roy is a whimsical realist with a sense of humor. She is a still life artist with an eye for the brilliant, the memorable, and the unforgettable."

Savvy Collectors will Recognize Diana's Art as a Smart Investment.  Art Lovers will Appreciate her Talent as Her Legacy Appreciates.  Contact the Estate to Arrange for a Private Viewing.  Enjoy the Expression of Art that is Diana Roy this Website has Gathered. You can easily buy this original art online as we bring it your way. If you enjoyed viewing Diana's work please consider a donation to the gallery :)


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Diana Roy (1940 – 2019)                   B.F.A. Honors Degree, University of Windsor, Windsor Ontario, Canada

“Diana Roy is a whimsical realist with a sense of humor.  She is a still life artist with an eye for the brilliant, the memorable and the unforgettable.  The artist, it is evident, has mastered her craft which has brought her considerable recognition in the North American Art World.  She has a habit of setting her images to reflect in extraordinary ways from extraordinary surfaces.”
                                                                           Cambridge Reporter – Jonathan Harrison 1995

“My paintings are visual expressions of my inner psyche as I react to life’s experiences.  I consider a painting successful when I’m able to impart something of myself to the viewer either visually or emotionally.”  Diana Roy


CastleMoore Inc., Corporate Head office, Mississauga, Ontario
Hallmark Cards, Corporate Head Office, Toronto, Ontario
Buckingham Real Estate, Windsor, Ontario
Green Giant of Canada, Tecumseh, Ontario
University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario


Art Gate VR ** Virtual Reality Art Exhibition by Invitation **
“A Retrospective: Diana Roy’s Invisible Majority” 2019-On Going
2019 Gibson Gallery, Amherstburg, Ontario
“50 Year Retrospective of Past Artists” by Invitation Only.
2019 Gibson Gallery, Amherstburg, Ontario
“Essex County Blossoms – Juried Show”
     Honorable Mention “Burgundy Iris”


2010 ArtSpeak Gallery, Windsor, Ontario
“Paintings & Drawings by Diana Roy”
2006 Wellington Gallery, Aura, Ontario
“Diana Roy”    www.wellingtongallery.com
2003 The Artist Studio, Windsor, Ontario
“Diana Roy - Up Close and Personal”
2000 Rebecca Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
“Renaissance Women High Realism – Solo Show”
1998 Wyndham Gallery, Cambridge, Ontario “Paper Garden”
1996 Kismet Gallery, Jan Jose, California “Diana Roy Solo Show”
1996 North Lite Books, Cincinnati, Ohio, Work published in the Best of Flower Painting
1995 Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society, Washington, D.C. ‘Third Prize’
1995 Gibson Gallery’s 8th Annual Miniature Show, London, Ontario ‘Second Prize’
1995-92 NAA Annual Miniature Exhibition, NAA Gallery, Carson City, Nevada
1995: ‘First Prize, Third Prize & Honorable Mention’
1993: ‘First Prize & Second Prize’
     1992: ‘Best of Show, First Prize & Third Prize’

1995 The Artist’s Magazine, Dream Studio Contest, Cincinnati, Ohio
     ‘Runner Up, work published’

1994 The Winsor & Newton Art Competition, Piscataway, New Jersey
     ‘Winner – work published in Fine Art Calendar’

1994-93 Montana Miniature Art Society, Frame Hut Gallery, Nags Head, North Carolina
1994: ‘First & Second Prize’
1993: ‘First Prize & Honorable Mention’
1994-93 International Miniature Art Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, North Carolina
1994: ‘Honorable Mention’
1993: ‘Best of Show’
1993 Miniature Art Show, El Dorado Gallery, Colorado Springs, Colorado, ‘First Place’
1993 Miniature Art Society of Florida Inc., Clearwater, Florida
1992 Miniature Art Exhibition, Jane Law’s Long Beach Island Art Studio & Gallery
urf City, New Jersey, ‘Best of Show’
1990-87 Miniature Exhibition, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1990: ‘First Prize & Honorable Mention’
     1987: ‘Honorable Mention’

1989 Southwest Biennial, Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario ‘Art for All’
1990 Miniature Exhibition, Willistead Coach House, Windsor, Ontario ‘Small Wonders’
1991-90 Miniature Exhibition, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Ontario,
1991: ‘Second Prize & Honorable Mention’
     1990: ‘Honorable Mention’

1989-85 Southwest Biennial, Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Yearly Show
1989 Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario ‘Fall Selections ‘89’
1988 Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario ‘Art for All’
1988 Griffin Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, ‘Diana Roy: Recent Paintings’
1987 Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, ‘Windsor Collects’
1987 Griffin Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, ‘Christmas Show’
1986 Griffin Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, ‘Recent Work’
1986 Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, ‘Diana Roy: Recent Works’
1985-80 Sarnia Public Library & Art Gallery, Sarnia, Ontario ‘Look ’85, ’83, ’81, ‘80
     1983: ‘People’s Choice Award’ 1980: ‘Honorable Mention’

1984 J. Michael Bottoms, Windsor, Ontario, ‘Marty Hunt & Diana Roy’
1984 Rodman Hall Arts Centre, St. Catherines, Ontario, ‘Juried Exhibition’
1979 Students’ Union Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
‘Diana Roy: Painting Exhibition (blank face series)’
1979 Gibson Gallery, Amherstburg, Ontario, ‘Recent Paintings by Diana Roy’
1978 Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario
‘CKOC 9th Annual Arts Exhibition’
1978 Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, ‘Southwest 38, J.C. Teron Prize’
1977 Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
‘Careers in Progress: Diana Roy, Leslie Anderson, Adele Duck, Brian Brown’
1977 London Public Library and Art Museum, London, Ontario
‘37th Annual Western Ontario Exhibition’
1976 Toronto Dominion Centre, Toronto, Ontario
‘Diana Roy: From the Artist’s Coloring Book’
1975 Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, ‘Southwest 35’
1975-74 London Public Library and Art Museum, London, Ontario
‘34th & 35th Annual Western Ontario Exhibition’
1973-72 Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, ‘Southwest 32 & 33’


1989 University of Windsor Drama Poster, Windsor, Ontario
1988 University of Windsor 25th Anniversary Poster, Windsor, Ontario

"The Canadian Artists in Exhibition 1973-74
Volume 2 The National Artists Survey of Canada"
Page 62 'Nones on the Fifth' Acrylic ( 45" x 45" )
'Second Fencer' Acrylic ( 44" x 44" )

"Branching Out Canadian Magazine for Women Volume VI, Number 3 1979"
8 Pieces including the Cover and Pages 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27
'Gallery Fantastique Blank Face Series'

"Winsor & Newton Artists Calendar 1995"
"Shoreline China"  Month of May

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Diana's affordable original artwork is available for those intrigued by art. Diana Roy was a self-portrait artist; she showcased what she was capable of over the years. Her limited edition signed prints are for those who know the worth of signed prints. Diana is recognized for her work in the art pages of history books and in print form. From her official website, you can buy original art online in Canada and the state nearby. Diana spent her life and time teaching students, young and older people who showed interest in arts. She loved to observe people and surroundings and showcased her imagination and perspectives by portraying them through her artwork; we make it easy for you to buy paintings online in Canada. Some of her paintings have given a whole new meaning to an ordinary thing; she knew how to create magic on a blank canvas with her brushes and ideas and showcase the finest artwork in Canada. All the original art is for sale in Toronto online so that you can purchase your chosen ones without any trouble.

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