Diana was as Complex as her Images.  A Kind and Creative Soul, Prolific in Design.
She has left a Body of Work Utterly Unique in Vision and Technique. 

It is the mission of this Website to bring her Visions to Light, allowing everyone to
enjoy the Beauty of a Body of Art Amazingly Original in Scope, Subject Matter, and Skill.
Original Artworks spanning five decades fill this collection.  Award-winning pieces
shown across North America attest to her Mastery. Working with a range of
mediums, using techniques she often invented, Diana enjoyed working into the wee
hours of the morning in a downtown warehouse studio, surrounded by other Artists.
Throughout her career, she spent time sharing her Talent and Knowledge of Art with
students, young and old. 

The first decades of her career were spent in Galleries, Garnering the attention of
the Press and the Art Community. The latter part of her career was spent at home
in the studio with Students and her Muse for the company doing what she loved...Creating.
A Half-Century retrospective of her ever-evolving style is on display thru the Online Gallery

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Art lovers can buy art prints and all her paintings online to encourage and keep alive the memories of Diana's artwork in Canada.

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