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Renaissance art

The Renaissance is a period in European history marking the transition from the Middle Ages to modernity and covering the 15th and 16th centuries, characterized by an effort to revive and surpass ideas and achievements of classical antiquity. Renaissance art is one of the ancient types of artwork. It started in the late 14th century, and during the 15th and 16th century it started covering some of the modernity. It was about the history of European culture and the transition from the Middle ages.

The idea behind it was to revive and surpass classical antiquity achievements. Many people showed interest in this type of painting, which increased the demand for this particular style. The renaissance art and paintings are available for sale online were made available for art admirers.

Like every other artist, Diana also took inspiration from renaissance art. The Headdress Series amazes everyone; the colors used present all the headdresses phenomenally. All the renaissance art and paintings are available for sale online, making it easier for art lovers to purchase from the wide collection of the talented artist Diana Roy.

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