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Buying Affordable Original Art when you’re not Rich

Many people out there are skeptical of buying affordable original art pieces. They see an art piece and immediately assume it cannot be part of their collection. They do not understand that art pieces also have a middle ground. People only look at two extremes: priceless art paintings in museums sold form millions and cheap art pieces available at malls. Many contemporary artists make affordable original art pieces that are readily available. Their art pieces are a treat for sore eyes and can become an exquisite piece in your collection. So, where should you start collecting art form and place it in the right place in your workspace? Luckily, with the arrival of this digital era, the world witnessed many online art galleries taking shape. Affordable original art pieces are the stars of these online galleries. The good news is you can shop from the comfort of your home and choose a stunning art piece for a corner in your house. 

Online Galleries for Affordable Original Art

When you walk into an art gallery, you don’t ask for the price. You might be too intimidated to hear the answer, but don’t fret; we’ve got you. Online galleries have opened new doors for art enthusiasts. You can collect stunning pieces from contemporary artists selling them at an affordable price. You don’t even have to live in the big city to go to an art gallery. Shop and get delivered at your footsteps.  

Directly Buy From Artists

Many times contemporary artists have their online galleries and blogs, like Diana Roy. Even after her death, her artwork is showcased by galleries at both private and public events. In contrast, artists have galleries that represent them. You cannot just buy directly from the artists. This is because they are liable to a contract between them and the gallery. Therefore, buying affordable original art pieces directly can be one hard task. Generally, galleries keep 50% of the sale for showcasing the artist’s works. So, if you try to cut it short and buy directly from the artists, chances are you’ll get canceled. Nonetheless, if an artist is independent and has no gallery representing them, it won’t be wrong to contact them. If they have an Instagram handle or an email, contact them there. Even if they do not sell their paintings, they ’ll take your interest as a compliment. 

What should you go for?

Choosing between an original piece and a remake of the art in some other way is hard. These remakes are referred to as editions. Editions can be limited or open. Limited editions have just a few pieces of the artwork that may be signed, while open editions never run out. How do you choose between editions? Limited editions come in a finite quantity for a definite period. This means that the price tag they bring along will be higher. However, buying editions is still a little less pricey. This is because the original has its value. It took months to take form, and there’s only one original piece available by the artist.  So, buying a print of the same art piece can come at an affordable price. The only problem here would be getting it framed properly. So, keep a side an additional budget for getting it framed. 

Talking about your Affordable Original Art Collection

If you are interested in art but aren’t familiar with its history, your first step should be to research it. The trick here is to be enthusiastic about your art collection. You don’t have to know all the fancy words that art collectors use, Worrying that people might notice your lack of expertise won’t do you any good. Even a little story about why a particular art piece is placed in your house does enough. A little background story that doesn’t make sense to anyone but you is more than enough to showcase your love for art.