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Top Artists the World Admires

What are the attributes associated with the artists who are ranked at the top? Is it their affordable original art paintings? Or their retrospective art for sale? When we think of criteria to rank artists, there’s always a lot of information to include. Their retrospective art journey, way of expression, and the genre of art they employed in their paintings. These artists leave behind a legacy unparalleled. 

Their determination and hard work towards art have shaped art and culture tremendously. Many of these artists are regarded as the founder of incredible innovations in the past. Their original art pieces opened up many trapped doors. Some of these artists received acknowledgment for their works during their lifetime, while others weren’t acknowledged until after their demise. 

The artists that are admired to date possess incredible imagination and the ability to challenge conventional ideas. Their retrospective art for sale is appreciated even centuries after their creation. These artists have made an undeniable impact on the future of art. 

Their different ways of creating compositions are still widely used by contemporary artists. Here we list the top artists of the contemporary and modern world. 

Leonardo da Vinci

You might be familiar with the famous Mona Lisa portrait by Leonardo da Vinci. His retrospective art for sale works includes 17masterpieces. These timeless pieces are priced at millions of dollars and have the most visually appealing layouts. He challenged customs by painting anatomical features, which was deemed illegal at the time. 

Artemisia Gentileschi

Artemisia is regarded as the feminist painter of her time. She began painting professionally at the young age of 15 and created many masterpieces throughout her retrospective journey. Her painting included deep dynamics with so much meaning. Other artists overshadowed her works at the time, but they are appreciated now. 

Rembrandt van Rijn

This famous artist traces his roots to the Dutch world. His works include a plethora of genres, from painting landscapes to my theological paintings. Art enthusiasts appreciate the unique blend of light in his paintings. He is mostly regarded for his stunning portraits and illustrations from the Bible.  

Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh may have influenced many painters today, but he was not commercially well-known in his own time. However, since the start of the 20th century, his paintings have been widely acclaimed and sold for millions. His paintings express emotions through thick brush strokes and bold colors. Most of his work comes under the category of Post-Impressionism, which opened a road for modern art. 

JMW Turner

JMW Turner is a famous British artist regarded as the forefather of modern art. He incorporated realistic elements into his paintings, a technique unknown at the time. His paintings were influenced by many mediums, including water colors and oil paints. Turner’s works show how he experimented with different brush techniques and the use of light and shadow. His work paved the way for future Impressionists.  

Claude Monet

Sometimes, paintings are capable of depicting life as we see it. Landscapes convey a story or still water that paints a serene image in your mind. Monet’s paintings revolved around the same idea. Perhaps this is why he is regarded as the most influential Impressionist painter. One of his most widely accredited works is his series of waterlilies. These series are a part of his incredible legacy that includes 250remakes of the subject.  

Paul Cezanne

Cezanne paved the way for Cubism, a genre unknown by many artists. His unique integration of geometric forms to highlight features in paintings is commendable. His paintings surrounded the idea of breaking down objects and painting them through bold tones. 

Diana Roy

Based in Canada, Diana devoted five decades of her life to paintings. Her works incorporate limited edition art paintings for sale too. Even after her demise, she is highly regarded for her contribution to the field of art. 

Tamara De Lempicka

Perhaps a unique artist of the 20th century, Tamara carried a ravishing personality and challenged the conventions of the time. She moved away from the Impressionism movement and focused on her painting style. Her use of rich colors in paintings earned her the title of “The Baroness with a Brush.” Her work serves as an inspiration for many designers and artists of the modern age.